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Here’s what our customers are saying…

“Our new VAPTR rollers have been a huge help in allowing us to dry the courts more efficiently and would recommend to anyone in the industry.”
— Texas A&M Facilities & Operations


The VAPTR is an absolute game changer for our tennis facility. We will be able to maximize time for practices and matches. Justin was incredible to work with. The VAPTR is going to revolutionize the efficiency of high school tennis.

— Aaron Triplett
Head Tennis Coach, Boaz High School (AL)

“These machines are worth their weight in gold. We can dry 8 courts from soaking wet to playable in less than an hour. The bottom line is these machines have increased our court time considerably.”

— Jay Bowers, President,
Tanglewood Pickleball Association, Sebring, FL


I had 2 ½ hours to get 6 courts ready. I seriously could not have gotten that done without the help of the VAPTR and am so grateful for it! Thank you for your service and providing me with this amazing machine.

Chandler Ortiz
JMU Athletics Facilities Coordinator

We had rain on Thursday & Saturday early morning and the VAPTRs dried 6 courts in 1 1/2 hours. No delay in our tournament.

Larry Delp
Sunland Springs Village, Mesa, AZ


“We had a chance to use the Vapor on Sunday.
It worked great!”

Neal Gary
President: Anthem Ranch Pickleball Club

“2 VAPTRs on center court at 7:00,
hitting balls at 7:30”

— Allen Yap
Bay Club, Manhattan Beach, California


“Here at Walnut Creek pickleball club we’ve only had our VAPTR 3 days and it’s already become indispensable. Easily has increased our playing time. In the past, when it would rain in the middle of the day, that would be the end of play for the whole day.”

— Kent Godfrey, Walnut Creek Pickleball Club
Walnut Creek, California

“Thanks, Justin, for the speedy response. Everybody loves the VAPTR and I got the purchase of another one for the tennis courts.”

Toni Piccinini, Club Manager 

Cañon Swim and Tennis Club, Fairfax, CA

Cañon Swim and Tennis Club.png
Kathy Levinson.jpg

Our VAPTR arrived last night - it rained this morning and
I used it this afternoon.
It is magical!!!!

— Rich Pearson
Palo Alto Pickleball Club

“5 Stars for the VAPTR and 5+ for Justin, the owner/inventor.  Our pickleball courts are playable immediately after one pass with this amazing machine.  I've never had more prompt and helpful customer service from ANY company.”

— Edward Russell, Oakmont Pickleball Club, Santa Rosa CA


"The product works awesome.
It dried our courts perfectly. Also, it did the job in 1/3 of the time of a normal squeegee and did a better job by far."

— Steve Baie, Mountain Falls RV Resort, Lake Toxaway NC

“Best purchase of the Year! Coaches and staff were blown away with its performance compared to our other squeegees. We had all 6 tennis courts and surrounding areas ready for play in 1.5hrs”

— Blake W. Nashville TN USA

Keith Wheeler_hires_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

“The Vaptr was even more impressive than
I imagined!
We were teaching right after we were done. Thanks so much for your help. You have been awesome, and the logo looks fantastic.”

— Keith Wheeler, Orindawoods Tennis Club

“VAPTR does exactly what
it is supposed to do. It works. Every time. We are very pleased with our purchase and look forward to years of
use making the courts dry and safe for our players!”

— Murray, Pickleball Regina, SK, Canada


“VAPTR’s have dramatically changed the drying time for our tennis and pickleball courts. Whether it’s puddled rain or moisture from fog, the machines remove 95% of the water and expedite drying time by 75%.”

— Adam Gagnon, Tiburon Penninusla Club, Tiburon CA

“The Vaptr worked as described with no issues. What a great tool! Your invention is spot on.”

— Steve Harrison, Smashers Board - Training Director

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“The product works awesome.
It dried our courts perfectly. Also, it did the job in 1/3 of the time of a normal squeegee and did a better job by far.”

— Steve Baie, Mountain Falls RV Resort, Lake Toxaway NC

“Your VAPTR machine is probably the best investment that our pickleball club has ever made. It performs exactly as advertised.”

— Gary Foster, Cresswind Lake Lanier Pickleball Club


“No longer are we pushing water around, but actually drying the court. It is worth it’s weight in gold, definitely a game changer. There is purpose using the VAPTR, not a hope and a prayer. It’s simple, efficient, and effective - It works!”

— Bill Dunkle, Tennis Director, San Luis Obispo Country Club, CA

“Your court drying machine is fabulous. The mechanism is genius, and performs every bit as well as you said. It is more effective than we ever imagined.”

— Bruce


“The Vaptr has changed the way we get our practices in. We use to cancel for the slightest bit of rain. Now we can get a few courts ready for practice in 30min. Instantly the court is dry enough to warm up and do slow drills before it completely dries 30 minutes later.”

— Steve Roberts, Brookside Tennis Training, Academy Director

“This product worked exactly as it was supposed to. If you have a dedicated group of players and have a place to store this machine then make your order TODAY. Not only is the product unbelievable but the customer service is like no other.”

— Tom Bryant


“Unbelievable! Two courts dry in twelve minutes. They went from totally soaked to playable and with no sun out!”

— Jay Bowers, Tanglewood Pickleball Club, Sebring, FL

“Thank you for your fast response to our issues.   Your customer service is number one and we appreciated it.”

Jeff Sizer

PGA Verano Pickleball Club


“At the FCRC tournament yesterday it significantly helped the amount of delays we had. Killer product man. So impressive.”

— Jack
Fruit Cove Recreation, Fruit Cove, FL

“The Marin Tennis Club purchased their first VAPTR at the end of the rainy season last year and what a huge difference it made! Not only getting our courts dry faster for the members to play but to get our pros back on the court teaching so we minimized loss revenue!”

Chris Horne, General Manager

Marin Tennis Club, San Rafael, California

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